About me

Hi there! Welcome on my portfolio website! My name is Dennis Verschuur, I am a game developer with a passion for game design, ludology and game production. On this website I will show you some of my work.

Besides working and designing games, I like to play them as well! In my spare time, besides hanging out with friends, I like to do math or math-like puzzles, cooking and for physical exercise I enjoy kickboxing.

Games were always appealing to me, not just the entertaining side, but also the immersive and mechanical side. From an early age, I was already building levels with lego brick for friends to play with. When I grew older, I started playing more games. After high school I decided to follow the study Game Artist at the GLU (Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht). When I graduated, I wanted to learn more, but a bit of different direction. I always enjoyed the indie scene and all the disciplines appealed to me. So I decided to follow the Indie Game Developer study at the former the NHTV (now BUAS). After the first year, the study got merged with the other game related studies at the NHTV and I started following the Game Design and Production study, which I am currently finishing.

Soft Skills

I am someone who likes to work organized and to have everything planned out, hence I also enjoy the production side of game development. I like write things down and plan things ahead before I start working. I put a lot of time and effort into it, because I want to make sure that what I am making is good and working. The downfall of this approach is that sometimes it doesn’t goes as planned and I have to adjust in the middle of the production phase. The positive side is that I need less testing and QA, because what I have has been somewhat tested beforehand on paper during the planning phase. Preparation is key.

I can put a lot of time into a specific part of a project. I enjoy fine tuning and making the best out of a function and/or mechanic. Furthermore, I am flexible in my work environment, with my background to 3D game art, with my design and production skills and knowledge and some programming experience. I can utilize this in many products and it helps me understand my fellow developers. I aim for quality over quantity.

[skillbar title=”Communication” percentage=”85″ color=”#af130f” show_percentage=”True”]
[skillbar title=”Adaptability” percentage=”90″ color=”#af130f” show_percentage=”True”]
[skillbar title=”ProblemSolving” percentage=”60″ color=”#af130f” show_percentage=”False”]
[skillbar title=”TimeManagement” percentage=”75″ color=”#af130f” show_percentage=”True”]
[skillbar title=”Creativity” percentage=”85″ color=”#af130f” show_percentage=”True”]
[skillbar title=”Leadership” percentage=”75″ color=”#af130f” show_percentage=”True”]