Technical Game Designer

May 2018 - Jun 2018

Custom engine

Project information


Genre: 2D auto-runner action platformer

Team size: 17

Platform: PC ( & PS Vita

Project type: Educational project

Software used: Custom Engine, Microsoft software, Photoshop


MA ĐÓI is a 2D Auto-Runner Action Platformer, in which the player is given the ability of gravity manipulation on a global scale making certain objects float up and sink down.  All while the player jumps and punches through various obstacles and explores the multiple paths of the levels leading them towards the end goal.

Responsibilities / contributions

Creating and building a concept with mechanics fitting the custom engine

  • Creating a concept within the possibilities of the custom engine
  • Building a paper prototype for the mechanics of the concept
  • Create those mechanics and features in-engine and communicate closely with programmers

We worked with a custom engine that was built within 8 weeks prior to this project. The engine had some technical limitations and options, so for the creation of the concept, we had to keep that in mind. A few concepts were pitched, and for one I have built a paper prototype with another designer. This prototype showed the mechanics of the concept, where the player can manipulate the gravity of environmental objects. With this mechanic, the player has to solve puzzles and challenges. This concept changed to an auto-runner platformer, with the same mechanics. I was responsible for the implementation and balancing of those mechanics. I was communicating closely with programmers for any issues that I found in the engine and for requests for options.

Responsible for the asset implementation and set dressing level block-outs

  • Understanding the technical limitations and workflow of the custom engine
  • Implementing visual assets and creating reusable prefabs
  • Set dress the delivered level design block-outs

For this project, I was working as a technical game designer, where my focus was on understanding the engine usage and limitations. The idea was that I was being taught the ins and outs of the engine by the programmers. I was the point of contact for designers and artists, and if I was missing tools or encountering bugs, I could request them. For new assets, I was responsible for the implementation of them and the creation of prefabs. Level design block-outs were created by other designers, and I was then able to set dress them. This workflow was needed, because I understood the technical and implementation limitations.

Working with in-engine tools, such as particle system, physics and prefabs

  • Understanding the engine and writing a level design manual
  • Learning how to use the particle system, its limitations, and functionalities
  • Creating visual effects and communicating closely with programmers
My responsibilities were around using and understanding the custom engine and the tools in it. I had frequent communication with both the designers and the programmers. Once I understood the process of implementing assets, creating prefabs, and balancing the correct values, I wrote down this process in a document. This would help artists and designers with their usage of the engine. I used several tools, one of which is the particle system.