Ma Doi

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Project Information

MA ĐÓI is a 2D Auto Runner Action Platformer in which the player is given the ability of gravity manipulation on a global scale making certain objects float up and sink down.  All while the player jumps and punches through various obstacles and explores the multiple paths of the levels leading them towards the end goal.

  • Role: Game Designer, Technical Designer
  • Project Type: Game Project
  • Team size: 17
  • Duties: Art Implementation, Cross-discipline communication, Creating VFX, Set dress level block outs
  • Software used: Custom Engine, Microsoft software, Adobe Photoshop
  • Project duration: 7 weeks
  • Playable link: Play Ma-Doi on

My work

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Details about my work

The programmers had created an engine in the 8 weeks before we started this project. This means we were very limited with what could and couldn’t be created in this custom engine. The game had to be a 2D platformer and the mechanics couldn’t be too complex. I worked on different game concepts and proposed them to the team. We continued concepting and designing the one we saw the most potential in.

We went with the concept wherein you have to control gravity and solve puzzles in order to progress. Another designer and I went to work using paper prototyping. We choose this method because the concept could use a grid system and it is about solving puzzles. However, this was not the direction that the other designers had in mind. After some discussion and redesign, we choose an auto-runner.

I joined this project as a technical designer, but I do not have the skills to program anything within this custom engine. The fact that we had to use a custom engine, made programming so much more difficult. After talking about this with the team, we agreed that my task would be more focussed around cross-discipline communication, understanding of the custom engine and implementing the art in the engine.

After the level block-outs had been created, it was up to me to place art assets in those levels. Unfortunately, this progress wasn’t as straight forward as it at first hand seem. The engine was causing a lot of small bugs, which made the progress of implementing art slow and unstable.

The engine did have a particle system and I was going to using it to create some particle effects for in the level. Again, the system worked, but because of some bugs, the progress was slow and difficult.