GGJ 2021 - Little Lost

Project Information

Project Description

Little Lost is about small children that are lost in an indoor playground. It is up to you, a much older and wiser 12-year-old, to find them and return them back to their worrying parents. Complete as many quests as possible in the given time frame, the faster you return the children, the more points you will earn.
  • Role: Game Designer / Level Designer
  • Project Type: Global Game Jam 2021
  • Project duration: ±48 hours
  • Duties: Project management, Game Design, Level Design, Voice Acting (woman)
  • Software used: Unity 2020, Miro, Trello

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My Work

Details about my work

We are participating each year with the global game jam, this year, with all the circumstances, was no different. The theme of this year was ‘Lost and Found’. Most of us were joining from home, so that came with some additional challenges. With all the phases and steps you have to take as a team, brainstorming is probably the phase, where you want to be together. In order to limit the bottlenecks, I had set up a Miro board in advance.
It took us a few hours of concepting and brainstorming to get to a concept that we all agreed upon. There are ways to decrease the time to get to a concept. You can implement a voting system, where team members can vote on concepts that they like the most, but I believe this is not a very useful tactic. Getting everyone on the same page and excited for one concept is working better, at least in this group. Once we had the concept, we started to flesh out the different features and pin down the elements that would take us the longest to create.
Now that we had a concept, I started building a block-out of the indoor playground. One of the artists did some research on the different modular assets that he needed to create. He created some very basic shapes of those assets and implemented them in Unity. This way, once I started building the level with his basic models, he could just update them and re-import them in Unity.