Glorious Knakworst Simulator

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Project Information

You play as the knakworst (a Dutch sausage). It’s Glorious. You as a knakworst fell out of the pan and need to find a way back into the pan. With your physic based movement, you can find multiple pathways.

  • Role: Visual Artist, Game Designer
  • Project Type: Game-jam game
  • Team size: 6
  • Duties: Creating art assets, Game and Level Design, Creating VFX
  • Software used: Unity, 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Quixel Suite
  • Project duration: 48 hours
  • Playable link: Official Global Game Jam website

My work

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Details about my work

This was the first Global Game Jam that I ever participated in and I was excited and eager to start. The team and I were ambitious about the whole event and we wanted to make something fun. Not serious, but entertaining and somewhat weird would be ideal.

We came up with this idea that you had to control a knakworst (Dutch sausage). The idea was simple, go from point A to point B. However, with this awkward and hard to control the movement of the sausage, it was creating quite a challenge.

My duties during this game-jam vary from creating assets to level design. My line of work was pretty much everything in between. If I had to help make assets, I could. I also implemented them and build a level in Unity with the assets that were created. I also made the particles effects for the game.

We were very proud of the outcome and it even got some traction from the DGG (Dutch Game Garden) and from a YouTuber.

Project Reflection

Lack in Design

We were with quite some artists, but we were lacking designers and the game is clearly reflecting that. The level design is not great, the movement of the player could be a bit more defined and nothing happens when you actually complete the game. All those things add up and we should have put more time and effort into these parts of the game.

Art production pipeline

The pipeline that we used for assets worked amazingly. We had a pretty simple and straight forward art style and we could use that for making a simple pipeline for pumping out assets. You made a 3D asset, unwrap it and make a color map in Photoshop. Place this colormap in Quixel Suite and assign the materials to the right colors. Render the new textures and implement the asset with those new textures in Unity and you are done. With this system we could quickly pump out assets with a decent quality.